Tinnitus Control Review


Tinnitus or “ringing in the years” is a condition that that affects up to 20% of people over 60 to a greater or lesser extent. It means hearing a sound that that does not actually exist and may be a ringing, hissing, humming or several other sort of sound. It can be permanent or intermittent and the volume can vary. In some cases the impact on an individual’s quality of life can be major. In this review we look at Tinnitus Control, which is designed to provide relief and be be easy to use.

Tinnitus can be caused by a variety of things such as long term exposure to load noise, ear infections and can be a side effect of some drugs. There is no guaranteed cure but there are a lot of treatments on the market.

What is Tinnitus Control?

Tinnitus Control is an all natural homeopathic product aimed at controlling tinnitus (made in USA by an FDA registered company). It comprises a spray and dietary supplement. The spray is applied under thTinnitus Treatmente tongue, where it is absorbed rapidly, three times a day. The dietary supplement is supplied in capsules two of which are taken twice daily. The spray is to relieve the tinnitus and the supplement to improve the general health of the ears.

Tinnitus control does not claim that it will cure tinnitus overnight, rather than use of the product for a period will relieve the symptoms.

What is in it?
As a homeopathic product it contains only natural ingredients including Arnica, Chininum Sulphuricum, Kali Phosphoricum and Natrum Sulphuricum. There is a full list of ingredients on the company’s website.

As such it will be safe for adults to take and there will not be any side-effects (unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients).

Does it Work?

Homeopathic medications do not usually produce overnight results and the effect on any one person is hard to predict. Looking at reviews from people who have bought the product they basically fall into two camps. There are reviews from people who are delighted that they finally found something that worked for them and others that say it had no effect.

Should You Try Tinnitus Control?

There is no tinnitus treatment that works for everyone so Tinnitus Control is certainly worth trying to see if it works for you. The company ships anywhere (although international orders can take 14-21 days) and has a 90 day Returns Policy under which they will refund the cost of any unopened product which is returned. This means that it does not cost a great deal to try it out.

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