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Tinnitus Miracle is one of the best selling tinnitus information products. You might wonder why it is featured on a website primarily about Tinnitus Control but it is a very different product such that it is not really a competitor. Whilst Tinnitus Control is a simple product that you just purchase and then use according to the instructions, Tinnitus Miracle is an ebook which offers a comprehensive guide to the ear and hearing in general, a full explanation of tinnitus and what causes it, plus a large section on how to treat it.

What Exactly is Tinnitus Miracle?

“Tinnitus Miracle” is an ebook written by a tinnitus sufferer which tells you everything you need to know about hearing in general and tinnitus in particular. It includes guidance of working out the cause of your tinnitus so that your treatment can be tailored accordingly. The key section is on how to control tinnitus by making changes to your lifestyle.

Tinnitus MiracleIt is available for immediate download and, at the time of writing, the price includes three months free support from the author (if you have any questions you can send these by email for a personal reply). Future updates of the book will be made available free and in addition you get three additional ebooks covering Relaxation, Yoga and Meditation and Sleeping Soundly.  Whilst it should be pointed out that these are relatively short, they are are relevant to controlling tinnitus.

How does it work?

The author states that his approach works by “tackling all Tinnitus contributing factors using a holistic, multi dimensional approach”. The key point the book makes is that tinnitus is not a disease itself it is a symptom of some other problem. The idea is that you use the book to determine the likely cause of your own tinnitus and then develop a plan to control it using only natural methods. These methods include changes to diet, herbal vitamin supplements thru to hypnosis.

Some people have seen improvements in just a few days and becoming symptom free after a couple of months.

Whilst the book is titled “Tinnitus Miracle” this might be somewhat misleading because nothing will happen without determined action by the reader who must make permanent changes to their lifestyle.  There is no miracle overnight cure.

Actually the contents of the book at not particularly new, for example the link between tinnitus and diet has been known a while, but it does bring a lot of useful information together in one place.

Pros of “Tinnitus Miracle”

  • Full of useful information on hearing in general and tinnitus in particular.
  • Enables the reader to self-diagnose the cause of their tinnitus.
  • All natural methods – so no side effects.
  • Author provides email support.
  • Results in a plan for each individual to control their tinnitus.

Cons of “Tinnitus Miracle”

  • The title is misleading. There are no miracles here, the reader must be prepared to study the book, make changes to their lifestyle and stick to them.

Will it work for me?

Whilst it is hard to uncover independent reviews it appears that this product has been of help to many people if only in providing a better understanding of their condition. This is what you might expect because much of the information included is not new but it has been put together in an easy to read, comprehensive package which is aimed at generating action. Since it only suggests natural solutions there is no risk of side-effects so if you are a tinnitus sufferer the “Tinnitus Miracle” ebook should be a great investment. If you are prepared to take the actions suggested you should see, at least, an improvement in your condition.

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